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Yellow Sea oil spill on the ASAR Envisat images

Gulf of Mexico oil spill on the ASAR Envisat images

This website was developed as part of the CEARAC activity in the field of the oil spill monitoring by remote sensing.

CEARAC is responsible for implementing activities related to Working Group 3: HAB (Harmful Algal Blooms) and Working Group 4 (WG4): Remote Sensing of Marine Environment. In the First Focal Points Meeting of CEARAC in February 2003, the Meeting agreed on the main issues needed to be focused on by WG4. Developing website for public outreach is one of the issues. The same Meeting also agreed that eutrophication and oil spills should be the targets of marine environmental monitoring by remote sensing for the time being due to the fact that both of them are common environmental issues in NOWPAP region and both are expected targets of remote sensing applications.

One of the final goals of WG4 is to establish marine environmental monitoring systems by remote sensing in the NOWPAP region. Therefore, it is important to collect data and information, including satellite images, to forecast the development and behavior of eutrophication and oil spill, and then to disseminate data and information on the present conditions of eutrophication and oil spill and the forecasting results speedily.

However, data and information about the marine environment by remote sensing are actually scattered in different organizations in the NOWPAP region. In order to share their usability, to share existing research and development resources, and also to understand the future trends in marine environmental monitoring, developing remote sensing information network system, which integrates the scattered information, is the basic work to be implemented.

The First WG4 Meeting (Vladivostok, Russian Federation, 1-3 December 2003) agreed on the development of remote sensing information network system, including a portal site on remote sensing in the NOWPAP region and a website on remote sensing for oil spill monitoring. This website is the result of the collaborative work between CEARAC and POI, which is expected to make contributions to the implementation of NOWPAP activities.

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